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How It's Done

Step 1: All surfaces to be sprayed are stripped

Step 2: The Surface is prepped with solvent for the masking process 

Step 3: The Edges of the surface to be sprayed are very precisely masked off  

Step 4: The Surface is Then Scuffed, and sanded down to create grip for the rhino to grab onto 

Step 5: Metal and other substances such as wood or steel are then prepped with primer to provide maximum grip 

Step 6: The Tailgate/ Detachable surfaces are scuffed and prepped

Step 7: The vehicle is then pulled into the spray chamber, and all masking is double checked from seem to seem

Step 8: The Vehicle undergoes the Rhino Spray process, and is applied very carefully; layer by layer

Step 9: The crew exits the chamber for 15-30 minutes to let the chemical disperse, and so the Rhino can set

Step 10: Cutlines are pulled and touch-ups are performed to ensure that the Rhino perfectly contours to your truck-bed

Step 11: All masking tape and plastic is stripped from the vehicle

Step 12: All Previously stripped parts are re-applied over the Rhino Liner

Step 13: Your brand new Rhino Liner is ready to go, and backed by our Rhino Limited Warranty (Details on home page)

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